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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Broken bars

While at MRNSW28 I purchased a GSV kit from the Casula Hobbies stand. Upon getting it home and examining the contents I discovered some of the bars on the sides of the kit had become broken for what ever reason. I am now considering about replacing all the bars with brass wire, as this will be an exhibition model and at the same time, correcting the height issues with the sides and ends. What is the opinion of other bloggers/modellers out there?

The damaged sides


  1. Evan

    I have just had a look at a GSV kit and it would be quite a challenge to replace the cast bars with wire, it might be better to use some solvent and glue them .
    If you want to give it a go then try this:
    1. You can get brass picture hanging wire in small rolls at Bunnings for maybe about $5, this will give 5 or so strands of wire about 0.015" (0.4mm) thick and approx. 5 metres long.
    2. The wire is not straight but you can achieve this by cutting about 300mm of a single strand, placing one end in a vice and pulling sharply on the other end with pliers and it will stretch about 1 cm. It will now be both straight and harder.
    3. You would need to use a No. 77 (0.016") or a 78 (0.018") drill.
    4. Very carefully drill holes through the frames at the location of each bar, leave the plastic bar in place as a guide and if you do it right you should come out at the base of the bar.
    5. Cut away the bars if necessary and watch for the diagonal braces.
    That's probably about it.

    Ray P

  2. Thanks for the advice Ray. I think I've got a roll of that hanging wire somewhere.