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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From the traffic manager's desk

Recently the Mechanical Branch has taken delivery of a number of new wagons. These include two MLV and a lone LLV louvre van; two D wagons and a BCH coal hopper.

Below are photos of the new wagons (excluding one of the MLVs) as delivered.

To the sharp eyed, yes that LLV is indeed actually a GLV (at this present stage). There are plans afoot to rebuild this as LLV 9958, an LLV from the first batch with rivetted underframes, however fitted with end pressings matching the second batch LLVs, which were recoded as GLV. This work however, will not be able to be undertaken until November due to the paper (HSC) work which presently covers my desk.
Murringo's shed foreman.

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