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Saturday, September 25, 2010

From the workshops: New stocks of parts have arrived

Today christmas came early for the Mechanical and Permanent Way branches' workshops. The mechanical branch has now taken delivery of a Callipari K wagon underframe and RU grain hopper body as well as a mountain of various bogies and couplers and many other spare parts. The mechanical branch are slightly less enthusiastic about the arrival (and the subsequent increas in workload) of a badly battered Bergs 1959 BCW cattle wagon, a broken Lloyds 43 class body shell (which appears to be beyond salvage and a Bergs 49 class loco missing the cab and short hood which may be salvageable. It is expected that the BCW will be stripped for parts for the other cattle wagons in the workshops presently and the K wagon underframe will be used to assist in the rebuilding of two ex Victorian Railways GY wagons to K wagons.

Meanwhile the Permanent Way Branch has now taken delivery of some new sections of timber platform and a variety of signal parts as well as a lower quadrant Distant signal arm, several signal lanterns, some ground frames, point rodding stools and various other assosciated components, platform namesigns. I think the time has come to get the navvies off their backsides and into making some sleepers and other parts for the track so that when Mr Postman brings Greg Edward's trackwork manual, things will be at a sufficiently advanced stage to begin the tracklaying process.

That's all for now.
Regards, Evan.
Murringo's Shed Foreman.

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